Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why I love Canada

Yes, I know I need to write my Bachelor Round-Up but first I have to watch it. I got to Vancouver yesterday afternoon after much travel hassles...two hours on the runway before take-off and then an hour after we landed PLUS 1.5 hours going through immigration. Okay. So I could have been in Italy with this amount of travel time. But...I love it here because Canada is so very...Canadian.

First of all, front page news in the local paper yesterday..."Tears Roll When Monkey Dies." Yes guys, this is front page news...the local favorite at the zoo died. My other favorite thing? The local health food store gives you a token if you don't use a plastic bag. You can use the token to donate and they'll donate to their favorite charity. You have a choice between some garden fund, a feral cat fund and homeless people with AIDS. Is it disturbing that the cats seem to be winning? I gave it to the people because I think people should trump cats and flowers (well, most people).

Why I also love Canada...sushi. And the fact that they actually wrap up the miso soup separately from the sushi. A basic concept but one that gets skipped in the US.

And then there is Coffee Crisp. World's best candy bar you can't find in the states. No crap chocolate here. Just the good stuff. The single best reason to come here...because it sure ain't the weather. Rain, rain...go away? Please? At some point?

I'll be back later with the Bachelor Round-Up...


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