Sunday, May 18, 2008

Do people with big eyes see better?

This has to be the case. Because I have a big nose and therefore I smell things better.

Some might view this as a blessing but it's not. Particularly as I discussed before on the subway. And now as it turns out, airplanes too.

I had a middle seat on the way to Vancouver. And as soon as I sat down, I knew it would be a long flight. Someone was stinky. It seemed impossible...both people on each side of me looked professional and middle aged and well showered. But then I realized the smell was like...bad breath. And the well-dressed red-haired man next to me was sleeping with his mouth open. Dear Lord. It is a 5 hour flight. Would it be wrong to place a piece of mint gum in his mouth? I'm sure he'd appreciate it. Can people with bad breath taste it? They must.

I seriously chewed gum the whole time trying to block out his saliva. Didn't work. When he finally woke up, he shut his mouth but by then, the smell was stuck in my nostrils.

I promise. Last blog about smelly people. Unless someone really overwhelms me.


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