Friday, May 30, 2008

Cough, cough

Okay. It's almost June. Which means it's almost summer. So why is everyone in my house still sick?

A. picked something up last week and gave it to Husband and me. This is nothing new, we get sick oh, about every three weeks or so it seems. But I thought cold/flu season was over. Apparently not.

Now Husband and I are on the mend but A. is still coughing up a lung. It got so bad today our babysitter took her to the doctor. Nothing really wrong except a bad cold...unless she starts doing this weird breathing thing and then we must rush her IMMEDIATELY TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM. Oh great. How am I supposed to know what a weird breathing thing is? I am not qualified to diagnose weird breathing things. I am not qualified to diagnose anything except bad commercials.

Ever since I've had a baby...I've started to think that maybe I should have studied medicine. It's the only way to be truly prepared for parenthood. Never mind that I barely passed math/science. Still. I should have sucked it up and studied harder.

So. Girlie is home with the nanny, relaxing after her doctor visit. I hear her say something in the background. I ask what she's saying. Nanny says "oh, she just said, I want mommy. Isn't it great she's speaking in sentences now?"

Yeah. Great. Really, really great.

Cough, cough.

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