Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Ugly Name Contest

Okay. So I know my name is Nanette and therefore I have no right to talk about weird names. But I just have to say...there seems to be a contest going on at my local playground on who can name their kid the weirdest/ugliest/worst name.

Yes, yes, I know. Naming is very personal and I have no right to criticize. Lots of people might not like my daughter's name. But I don't think it's the kind of name that sounds like someone dared you to do it.

It seems like a badge of honor these days to come up with a name no one else has thought of. doing are being tortured with truly horrific monikers. The only comfort in this is that so many people are doing it, they'll be in good company.

Today's hilarious name I overheard? Sequoia. Yes, that's right, like the tree. No, the family did not appear to be of Native American descent. Others I have heard recently include Birch, Isadore (for a boy), Dorothy, Cyrus, Clover, Mamie, Memphis- Grace (seriously) and Drexil. Of course, I have probably just outed myself and no one will talk to me on the playground after this post. Actually, hardly anyone does anyway...who knew the playground would have as many cliques as high school?

I'm not saying you should name your kid Jack or Max or Olivia. Not at all; I welcome hearing something other than the top ten names. It's just it seems that lately...there's a lot of names out there that may have seemed like a good idea at the time but your kid is going to hate you for later. There's a fine line between unusual and just plain ridiculous.

Just another one of my many opinions...


Elizabeth Cobb Durel said...

it think it's also horrid when the parents (and i'm not one yet, except of my sweet canine Lillie, so what do I know???) chose an alternative spelling...

one of my best friends just named her new daughter Khloe. But forever and ever, she'll be "Khloe-with-a-K"

(and no, the parents are not fans of Khloe Kardasian, either...)

Karen Shelley said...

No one talks to you at the playground?! When "I" took your daughter to the playground a few weeks ago, kids and parents alike chatted me up. No joke. At least a half a dozen adults had full conversations with me.

Nanette said...

No, people talk to me on the playground. Sometimes they even tell me a little too the woman who wanted to really go into graphic detail regarding childbirth. is quite clique-y. Trust me on this one.