Thursday, August 19, 2010

What I won't be watching...probably

Okay. Maybe...just maybe...if I am having an exceptionally horrific day I might turn on the new show, Bachelor Pad again. Most likely not. Here's why:

Eating contests.

Dude. Disgusting. Someone inevitably barfs and that is just something no one needs to see. Bad enough that sometimes you do it...or even worse...have to clean up someone else's. I also realized something profound as I watched people like Krissily and Tenley compete in Survivor-style challenges...I fundamentally don't care about these people. At all. Not saying I will never blog about Bachelor-related things again but I do not care about this pack of Bachelor rejects. I wish them well. I just no longer wish them on my television anymore.

But the folks from Glee, True Blood and Mad Men? More, please.

Summer's been crazy but now that it's almost over...I plan to pay a bit more attention to the blog again. Starting with redesigning it because I must say...these polka dots are making me a bit dotty. So watch for it.

Until then, I must go prepare for a princess party.