Friday, June 26, 2009

Tanner talks about his package...don't pretend like you're not going to read this...

My friend Andy sent me this and it was just too good not to pass along. Thanks, Andy! An article about Tanner talking about his that's quality journalism:

Size doesn't matter to Jillian Harris.

Because if it did, the Bachelorette wouldn't have given Tanner Pope the boot.

Tanner confirmed to reporters yesterday that he has quite the impressive manhood.

"I was just blessed," he said.

Oh, that's not all he had to say about his self-described "man piece"…

Tanner is not shy about showing off what God gave him. "All the guys knew because we had outdoor showers and so they called me 'King Dong' and other things," he said. "I did tricks with my wiener."

And talking about, um, wieners..."I mean, I just had fun with it, man," Tanner said. "People would be out there barbecuing and stuff, cooking a steak, I'd be out there, you know, with my sausage dangling, hanging out."

PS: Tanner also proves what they say about men with big feet. His shoe size? 15!

—Reporting by Kirstin Heinle

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