Friday, June 5, 2009

The scoop on poop

I was smug. I fully admit it. When A. started using the potty before her 2nd birthday, I was feeling rather proud. What is all this nonsense about children refusing to use the potty, I thought to myself? Clearly, that is a problem for other people. People with inferior children.

All I have to say is, ha.

While we started out strong, as we are nearing A.'s third birthday, she is not potty-trained. Dare I say, we are not even close. Oh sure, she will occasionally throw us a bone and give a little tinkle in the potty. But when it comes to poop, there is no way, no how, no doing.

She totally knows when she is going to do it, too. In fact, she makes a big show of it...must go to a specific corner....must have her hand held....must discuss the contents (a little tiny one vs. diarrhea). By the way, if you're reading this while eating breakfast or something, you may just want to stop now, it isn't going to get any better from here.

The bizarre thing? Lately after she poops, she insists she "wants to see it." We thought this was a fabulous opportunity to encourage her to use the potty so she could see it better. In fact, we told her, sometimes you make poop in fun shapes:

A: Like play-doh?

ME: Yes. Only you don't play with it.

A: No?

ME: Definitely not.

A: I can make a heart?

ME: Sure. Maybe.

A: Or a star?

ME: Um...

A: How about a snake?

ME: Yes. You could definitely do that.

A: Can I make a hot dog?

ME: Yes. Only you absolutely must never, never eat it.

A: I made one like a hot dog once. In the bath.

ME: I remember.

Mind you, this little chat has not in any way encouraged more pooping on the potty. But she did tell me her Ernie doll did it. Apparently, he made a duck.

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