Thursday, June 19, 2008

Where my peeps at?

So. Before I had a baby, I was under the impression I'd be joining some kind of a club. You know, the parents' club. Where we'd all hang out together bemoaning our lack of sleep, etc. That I'd instantly have a bunch of new mom friends to go to the park with and have playdates with. And drink wine with.

It's been 22 months. Where my peeps at?

Mind you, I'm not a stay-at-home mom. If I was, I'm sure I'd know more people in the neighborhood. Join a mommy group. Take mommy-baby yoga. Something. But I'm not. So I guess these parents' clubs only exist for people who are actually in the neighborhood during the day.

I see them all hanging out together on weekends. Their kids all know each other and greet each other on the playground. A. just looks at them, like hey, can't I join your party? In case I need more to feel guilty about.

It's not like A. doesn't have friends. Quite the contrary. She knows more people in our neighborhood than we do. Thanks to our friendly nanny, she's got a whole circle of pals who also have nannies. So she talks about Jack and Teddy and the whole crew and goes to their birthday parties. But I've never met them. I suppose I could try to hunt them down via my nanny. But that would require a whole lot of time and energy I don't have.

Maybe once A. goes to school, that's when I'll find my peeps. The parents-with-kids-in-school club. That must be it.

But in case there are other peeps out there like me, come find me on the 9th Street playground. We'll be the ones on the swings. By ourselves.

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