Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Bachelorette Round-Up "He's a good mutant but a mutant nonetheless."

Okay. So. The first part of last night's show was an interview with Deanna. Chris our Invisible Host sits down with her and actually speaks. Does she shed new light on anything? No. Does she blink a lot? Yes. Was she blinded by the sparkles on her wanna-be prom dress? Quite possibly.

I will admit that I did not see all that much of the first hour of the show last night. That is because our girl decided that Daddy could not possibly put her down to her liking. Of course, once I got in there, she decided she actually preferred Daddy. And so it goes.

Anyway...the snippets from Deanna hour included her talking about being grossed out by Robert, not being attracted to Rich and defending her treatment of Fred. We also got to see Trista the Bachelorette pimping out her kid AGAIN and simpering about Ryan. Best part of the show was seeing what our pal Sean the Hick's life is life back at home. Homie's got a 5 bedroom house a block away from his mama. He also has a closet full of namebrands, LV luggage, a tanning booth and several tricked out cars. In case you are still wondering if he's an idiot, he's got a Hummer. Nuff said.

My favorite part of the show was the shots of Ron getting rid of SEan's mullet. Or as Jesse puts it "business upfront and a party in the back." Love that.

So the real show starts with Deanna taking all the guys with her to Palm Springs for a week. Sean gets the first alone date. He says he's like "a Kentucky racehorse...hanging back but now I'm making my move." He and Deanna are going up a mountain via a cable car and she is seriously freaking out. Then they eat dinner overlooking the mountains. He tells her "you are the piece I need in my life." They snuggle in a hammock and kiss, though Deanna doesn't look like she enjoys it that much.

Next day, group date. The guys are going out on ATC's. Goin' muddin'. Or in this case, sanding. If you ever for a second doubted whether or not Deanna is a redneck...this answers it. Girlie is in her element. Twilley is not. He almost pukes on the helicopter and can't seem to open/close the helicopter doors. He also can't seem to drive the ATC. As Deanns put it...Twilley is just in his own little world.

And then they all jump in the pool. Jason and Deeanna have alone time, where he tells her he is just like his mother and knows how to love. Jesse holds hands with DEanna but can't seem to work up the chutzpah to smooch her. She leans in and practically purses her lips. Nothing.

And then Graham steals her away and they smooch like no tomorrow. These two are all over each other. Jason sees it and it makes him nervous. Deanna says "there's something about Graham...I'm like a giddy schoolgirl."

Next up is a date with Jeremy. They go and hang out at Frank Sinatra's old house in the HOllywood Hills. Kinda cool. Until they attempt to sing. Nooooooo. Back away from the mic, friends. Stick to dancing and kissing. There you go. Jeremy then peels off his shirt because there cannot be one show where his abs do not get screen time. Deanna says "he's the perfect guy...there's no way I could ask for more from him." Hmmmm....there's got to be some catch...is ABC setting us up for something?

Cocktail party time. Only...there is no cocktail party. Because Deanna has made her choice and doesn't want to face the guys. She's got weird soap opera hair tonight...kinda scary. Here's how it went down

Rose #1...Jeremy...working a nice gray suit

Rose #2...Jason...who runs up to her

Rose #3...Graham...she beams at him

Rose #4...Jesse

The country boys are out! Twilly says "I'm not a supermodel...I'm just Twilley...I've got a unique personality that can be a little much." Uh..yeah. Sean seems bummed but I'm sure a ride around in his hummer blasting Molly Hatchett will help beat the blues.

Next week...Deanna goes to the guys hometown. Best quote so far looks to be from Graham's mom who says "It's difficult for someone to last past 4 weeks with Graham." Uh oh....dum, dum, dum!! The drama!

BTW...Kristin Bradly-Green is still in the lead in the rose ceremony game...go Kristin!

Until next week...

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