Friday, May 29, 2009

People who you'd think would be taller...

but they're not. At least not in real life.

When you live here, you inevitably see famous people. Of course, it is against the cardinal rule of being a New Yorker to in any way acknowledge them. It doesn't mean you can't make your own personal observations.

People You'd Think Would Be Taller:

1. Mayor Bloomberg

2. Al Roker

3. Barbara Walters

4. Elmo

5. Katie Couric

People who are much cuter in person:

1. Alanis Morisette

2. Ryan Reynolds

3. Jerry Seinfeld (surprising but true)

4. Brian Williams

5. Jennifer Connelly (but waaaay skinny)

People who are exactly as you thought they'd be:

1. David Spade

2. Tom Arnold

3. Steve Buscemi

4. Stacy London

5. Tim Robbins

Feel free to add to my list...

Happy Friday,


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