Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bachelorette Round-Up #2...the first half, anyway

I actually have to do something tonight so…I’m going to blog until it’s time to go and then I’ll finish up later. Plus there is something kind of disturbing about staying late to blog. Particularly when it’s about the Bachelorette.

So I watched the second half of last night’s show last night and the first half at lunch today. Either way, my reaction to this season so far is…eh.

Like, I think there are enough quirky guys to blog about. But I’m still having trouble telling all the spiky haired dudes apart. There are too many Tanners. And there are at least three guys of questionable sexuality, at least in my opinion.

But I’ll start with the official beginning of the show…with Jillian sunbathing in her bikini. Like I care. The guys are all stuck staying in something called a “bunkhouse” with only one shower. If the guys get a rose on one of the dates, they are invited to stay up in the mansion with Jillian. The first date is with Michael, Brian, Brad, Tanner B, Wes, Sasha, Ed and Mathue. Dude, you know any guy named Matthew who insists on spelling it Mathue is a tool. He’s not from anywhere exotic so you know it was all his idea.

Anyway, the guys are all excited to have a pool party with Jillian. Electric Boogalu Michael uses one of his fancy pop-and-lock moves to run off with Jillian for some alone time. After a few minutes alone, Jillian runs off to grab the rose. Electric Boogalu is rubbing his hands together, thinking he’s going to get his hands on the rose. He envisions what fancy breakdance move would be perfect for the occasion. A backspin? The Worm? The possibilities are endless.

Only he is not getting a rose. In fact, Jillian has run off with the rose in her Mini-Cooper, who apparently sponsored this episode since they spend the first half of the show riding around in them. She is sending the guys on a wild goose chase to try and reach her. I mostly thought it was a stupid, contrived way for ABC to use up some air time. Because really, who needs two hours of this?

Long story short, they pair up the guys and make them go on a scavenger hunt to reach Jillian. The first two guys to get to her win…only catch is, only one of the guys gets a private date with her. My favorite team had to be Electric Boogalu Michael and Foot Man Tanner B. who looked more like a couple than potential suitors. Anyone else getting that feeling? Meanwhile, Brad and Wes are ready to kill each other with Brad as the self-proclaimed brains of the operation. I’ll spare you the boring details but these two manage to pull it off. Brad claims he is the reason they won. Jillian rewards him by choosing a private date with Wes.

Now. Wes is not my thing. He seems well, stupid. He’s got all the swagger with not much to back it up. I say if you are one of those women who love men with guitars, fine. But let him be a real one, a rock star type, not of this I-had-a-hit-song-in-Chinchilla,Mexico-types. Country singers? As if.

But Jillian is digging him. In fact, she says her girlfriends would consider Wes just her type. And she worries “Am I his type? I need to protect myself a little bit.” Wes constantly has that “what?” look on his face that you just want to slap off. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Jill and Wes, the guys can watch their date at the bar upstairs. Brad is still whining about how he should be there. Jillian leans in to kiss Wes and the guys all groan. I do, too. The guys say “he’s been rosed.”

Next day, next date. It’s a one-on-one date with super dreamy Jake. I have to say, this dude seems a little too perfect. A little too cute. A little too ready to walk down the aisle. A little too much like…Jeremy from the Deeanna season. Hmmmm.

And that is it for now, my friends….more to come later tonight….


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