Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's far too late for me to blogging...

considering when you get a quiet night around here, you've got to take it. Yet here I am, blogging and facebooking.

Girlfriend has still been challenging us at bedtime. We do everything you're supposed to do; the whole soothing routine thing. Yet still...many times as the clock is striking ten, girlfriend's still awake.

Tonight though...she went down easily. Despite being extremely chatty at bedtime.

As we finished reading her current fav book "Knuffle Bunny" she says:
I want to get in the book.

Me: Really? Well, you can't.

A: Yes, I can.

Me: I've always wanted to get in a book.

A: Get in.

She puts her feet on the book.

A: I'm in.

Me: Is it fun in there?

A: Yeah! Get in!

So I do. And it is fun, though I have a feeling Pride & Prejudice would more fun. I'm going to stay out of Revolutionary Road, however.


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