Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pink Ladies

Before A was born, I had very strong opinions about the color pink. I myself had never been a big fan. The light stuff seemed wimpy, the hot pink stuff a little trashy. We were not friends, pink and I.

And then I discovered we were having a girl. And I decided she would not have the same issues I did with pink because I would keep it out of her life. People were afraid to buy me pink stuff at my shower. We painted her room bright green. Our diaper bag was black.

And then I actually had our girl. And you know what? It was impossible not to have pink in our lives. Not because I loved it so much. But because that's all there was. Sure, there was some yellow and white thrown in there but not much. The only other choice were nauseating baby blue onesies with baseballs on them. It was pink or go naked. Pink it was.

And then she got older and there were more choices. But somehow, pink kept reappearing in her closet. For one, it actually looked nice on her fair skin. And for two...and most importantly...she likes it. She prefers it. Unreal, but true. She will fight the good fight every night to wear pink pajamas. And will add a pink tutu to every outfit.

So how did this happen? Am I disappointed? Not at all. She's opinionated. Like her mama. And if this is something she feels strongly about, then more power to her.

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weered1 said...

Yep...we're already starting to fight the blue battle here... :)