Monday, August 18, 2008

Reflections on body glitter

Someone asked today if glitter was toxic. After all, what's it made of? Metal? And people (usually kids) wipe it all over themselves? Should there be a ban on glitter?

If that happens, then the Russian gymnasts are screwed. Has anyone noticed the liberal use of body glitter in the Olympics? Should it fall under banned substances? I mean, they put it in their hair. No lipstick, but body glitter. Hmmm.

Anyone else notice this?


Elizabeth Cobb Durel said...

No! There should not a ban on glitter. For years, I have kept an emergency supply of glitter close at hand. You never know when you may need some. Seriously.

Nanette said...

I don't know...did you see the amount of it on the Russian gymnasts?? You might reconsider.

Karen Shelley said...

Ironically, I just had a conversation with my mom about glitter. I always get the girls little presents when I visit them. I picked up a bunch of stuff, including a set of Strawberry Shortcake Doll perfume for Emma. When I got home, I realized the perfumes are glitter spray. Ugh. This means Emma's gonna spray it all over herself and inadvertantly cover me with glitter.