Thursday, July 17, 2008

Frosting cupcakes is very theraputic

I just did it last night. I think that's why I bake; so I can frost. I find it very satisfying, making the frosting look pretty. And best of all, it requires no thinking.

Why did I not consider this when I was considering career options? A job where your body moves one way and your mind another? Why did I think I'd be so much more satisfied using my brain?

That's not to say that I'm not thinking while frosting. I am, just about something I want to think about instead of what I get paid to think about.

You think there is a degree for frosting? Would that be a bachelor of science or bachelor of arts? Art because you are making cupcakes look beautiful? Or is it a science for making them taste delicious?

In case you're wondering, no...I do not have time to ponder these things. This is what they call procrastinating.

And while we're at it, note the little advertisement on the side of my blog. Apparently, it changes according to what I write about; it actually scans my words and puts up ads that relate to my blogs. So I do wonder what I wrote about to deserve an ad about an RV park. Because I don't support camping. Ever. And I certainly don't think I'm an RV girl...since that seems to be a culture that I don't fit into. I say this because we once went whitewater rafting and stayed in a cabin in an RV park....and all the people watching NASCAR blew out our electricity. Nuff said.

Okay. Back to work. I imagine the little advertisement on the side of my blog will now about baking supplies. I can live with that.

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