Thursday, October 2, 2008

At least you have your health...

you get the feeling that's what a lot of people have been saying lately, given the state of the world. Unless of course, you don't.

Don't get me wrong. Thankfully, we three are a mostly healthy bunch...I mean if you look at things big picture. In the small picture, we are a mess. A caught her first stomach flu of the season, gave it to husband who also needed a root canal the same week. I acted as the smug nurse, patting myself on the back for my superior immune system. Not so fast. I wound up in the emergency room yesterday, victim to perhaps one of the world's smallest (yet still painful) kidney stones.


In case you're wondering if our health care system needs to be revamped, might I suggest spending 7 hours in the ER? It's joyful. Lots of waiting, very little eye contact. And if you are the one wearing the hospital gown, you may as well be invisible. It's like they think that once you become the patient, your brain cannot handle the difficult stuff, such as answers to questions like, "when will my test results come back?"

I will say, I felt very grateful not to be in the state of some of my neighbors (you can hear everything, I honestly wasn't eavesdropping). One man moaned over a appendix, another had a blood clot in her leg. In the scheme of things, I was, deservedly, low man on the totem pole. But it wasn't like these people were getting any more attention than me. It was only when I put on my street clothes and threatened to walk out did I finally get some notice.

Anyway...we will be listening extra closely during the debates tonight when talk turns to healthcare. If it ever moves beyond words like "mainstreet"..."moose"..."lipstick" know, those conversations that ultimately, do nothing to help the American people.

In the meantime....Husband is feeling better (though the temporary filling from his tooth fell out last night while eating cheese)...I seem to be okay though drinking a ton of water and A is clearly fine as she informed us last night "no toast. ice cream." She also wanted chicken with something she called "heiney my shirt" which turned out to be honey mustard. More on how to speak A later.

Enjoy the game, oops, I mean debate, tonight.

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