Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who's lamer than Ali the Bachelorette?

Me. Because I didn't write a round-up this week. I. Just. Couldn't. Do. It.

Here are the reasons I did not write it:

1. Ali's hair extensions. I'm sorry but the only people who should wear them are drag queens, period.

2. I am getting old. Because I simply do not find any of the men on this show remotely appealing. Okay, maybe just Roberto. But the rest look like high schoolers. And not like the cute high school men on Glee.

3. Men having hissy fits is not nearly as much fun as women having hissy fits.

4. The poof. The hair poof, that is. If you came of age during the late 80's/early 90's, you will know the hair poof I am referring to. It is that little bit of hair in the front that deliberately sticks up. Why? No idea. But it was "the thing" back then. Now when I look back at pictures, it seems ridiculous. Well, on this show, The Poof is Craig's hair. The fact have to work to get The Poof. And if he is working to get The Poof, then I can't watch him.

5. Bad editing. Okay, ABC...we get that you edit this show to death. But seriously...if you are going to make it seem like Jonathan the Weatherman is the one getting the last rose for dramatic reasons....DON'T SHOW HIM IN AN EARLIER SHOT WEARING A ROSE. Did you think no one would catch that??

6. Ali laughs a little too hard at things that just aren't funny. That's what people do who have no actual sense of humor.

7. The elf factor. That's what all the men look like. And I don't like elves. They creep me out.

Promise to try harder next week....sorry to disappoint you guys!

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