Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A blog about why I'm not blogging

I totally didn't blog about the Bachelorette last week. And I won't be this week. Here is why:

1. Ali is just unpleasant to watch. I don't find her charming. Or even cheesy enough to mock, like Jake. Basically, she is boring. No interest in spending time analyzing her life.

2. I 'm pretty sure she doesn't pick anyone. The only one she has chemistry with is Roberto. And she's insecure around him because she thinks he is too good looking for her.

3. I think she is trying to get herself a gig on Dancing with the Stars. Oy.

4. None of these guys are very appealing either. You need someone to root for. Who is it this time? The greasy-haired professional wrestler, Rated R? The casting is horrible.

5. I am saving my energy for the new show, Bachelor Pad...which will feature lots of controversial people from Bachelor Shows past. Michelle with the crazy eyes? Check. Elizabeth the girl who wouldn't kiss? Check. David with anger management problem? Check. I'm so in.

In the meantime, sorry if I have disappointed you. But I just can't waste my time writing about this. I'm saving myself for other things.

Have a good Tuesday,

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