Sunday, September 6, 2009

Why This Isn't Pretty

By this, I mean...this. My bloggy blog.

Yes, I know it could look better. It could have a nicer layout. Be better organized. Include pictures, even.

Overall the whole thing could be more appetizing. I say this because I work in advertising. So I know the importance of appealing to people's visual sensibilities, even if they claim not to have any.

But. I. Don't. Care.

Unlike most things in the world, this bloggy blog is about words. And that's it.

And yes, I know that presenting this to the world in this fashion may be the equivalent of walking out of the house without my undereye cover-up and lipgloss on but ya know? Whatever.

You're reading this, right? Can't be that bad.

And since The Bachelor is on hiatus until January...chances are you'll be hearing mostly about me for the next six months.

It'll be fun. But it won't be pretty.

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