Friday, December 4, 2009

Princess Stalking

So we went to Disney. Not a long trip. Just one day at the Magic Kingdom. But apparently, long enough to stalk princesses.

Now. I knew A. liked princesses. I didn't know she thought of them as rock stars. This became clear the moment we entered the park and spotted Snow White. Overall, I think Snow White looked a bit sweaty. Yes, I know...Florida humidity. Unfortunately, she had to go somewhere (a date with Sleepy? a power walk with Grumpy?)and left. Apparently, that still counted as "seeing" her.

One princess down. A whole lot more to go.

So we headed over to Toon Town which is apparently where you can meet three princesses all at one time. It's a crap shoot because you never know who you are going to get. When we reached the front of the line, we discovered we had hit the Princess Trifecta...Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Belle. I had warned A. that we might not see Sleeping Beauty because she naps a lot. But she was there, platinum wig and all.

Here's where it got weird. A. would barely look/talk/interact with the princesses. Mostly she stuck her hands in her mouth.

SLEEPING BEAUTY: Oh, I see you are wearing a dress with berries on it. I was just out picking berries this morning.

A: ??????

CINDERELLA: Oh my, what a lovely barrette you are wearing.

A: ?????

BELLE: Look! We both have brown hair!

A: ??????

Now, maybe A. just thought these were dumb conversations to have and didn't want to waste her time. She wouldn't be wrong. Or maybe she was frightened by their eye shadow. I was. In any event, four princesses down. More to go.

Ariel is not completely a princess but a princess mermaid. Apparently, this means she gets her own venue. The line streamed round and round at Ariel's grotto. When we finally got inside, Ariel was like really tiny. And she had a fake midriff. That is....she had a fabric tummy. No matter. A. wouldn't talk to her either. She spent most of the time inspecting the palm of her hand. Ariel checked it out too. Four princesses and one princess/mermaid down. I assumed we were done. Oh no.

We walked over to the Small World ride and A. got hysterical that Jasmine wasn't there. I explained that I didn't know where Jasmine was because she was a lesser princess and didn't get her own real estate. This only made the crying worse. Luckily, an employee from Small World overheard us and made a phone call to track down Jasmine. No joke, she really did. This is why Disney rocks.

Apparently, Jasmine would be appearing with Aladdin by the Magic Carpet ride at 11:15. After It's a Small World, we raced over to meet her. Aladdin could have been invisible for all she cared. A. only had eyes for Jasmine. Jasmine actually did show her midriff which made her quite popular with the Dads.

After that, A. had no need to meet any characters. She seemed to have forgotten about Mulan and Pochantas which is good. We stopped stalking and started having fun.

I promise. No more princess postings after this. Next post...why the Rainforest Cafe is my idea of hell.

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