Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Peace, man.

I'm not sure when we taught A. to say that but for some reason, it has really stuck with her. She even knows how to make the peace symbol with her fingers.

Oddly enough, she's been saying it unprompted lately. That and sighing deeply and dramatically. And wanting us to do the same. Is this her way of telling us we need to relax?

Which of course, we need to do....even when things couldn't be more stressful. Personally and globally. The election has been a constant obsession and while I love it...it's been really stressing me out, too.

So today when I went to the voting booth, I was surprised I didn't feel nervous like I thought I would. Everyone in my neighborhood was pleasant and smiling, even as we stood in crazy lines. And when I made my selection at the voting booth (gotta love the old-fashioned kind...so satisfying to pull the red lever)...I finally felt at peace.

Now, I can't say I will feel that way tonight watching the returns come in. But for the moment, I am calm. I believe in my heart that everyone will make the right choice. And for the next few hours...before all the pundits start making me doubt....I am determined to hold onto this feeling.

Peace, man. Deep breath.

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