Thursday, September 4, 2008

Lessons Learned from a kiddie bday party

So we had a party in the park for A's second bday. Fun for the kids, not so much for the grown-ups schlepping everything.

This party was mostly for a bunch of kids I've never met before. This is A's weekday circle of friends, ie all the nannies and their charges. I was most interested to meet everyone, since A's been talking about them non-stop. Pleased to report I liked them all. Some a little more, some a little less but no one truly awful. Which is saying something, since I usually meet at least one kid in the park every weekend that annoys me to no end and makes me grateful for A.

In the meantime, A's friends taught me a thing or two. I'm sure they didn't mean to. But if you pay attention closely enough, their behavior is useful in reminding you of a few valuable lessons.

1. PERSISTANCE PAYS OFF. Just ask R. He hounded me about the goodie bags. Relentless. This kid (age 4) presented various arguments as to why this was the opportune moment to pass out the bags. Eventually, his whining wore me down and I passed them out 20 minutes early. Future lawyer, I tell you.

2. DRESSES ROCK. Now I understand why A. insists upon wearing a dress almost every day. All her buddies do. Well, not the boys. And these girls still run around like crazy people. I thought it would hamper A.'s fun and movement. Ba. No chance. Girls want to wear dresses but that doesn't mean they want to act like little ladies.

3. NOBODY LIKES A TATTLE TALE. There's one in every bunch. This one was a boy named G. Always quick to report when someone did something wrong. The other kids were clearly rolling their eyes. Future Kenneth Star.

4. YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY CUPCAKES. Particularly if they come with colored frosting.

5. MUSIC MAKES THE PARTY. Even if you happen to be 2. And most of your favorite songs come from the Music Together Flutes Album.

6. THERE ARE LOTS OF GREAT TOYS IN THE WORLD BUT NOTHING BEATS A BALL. Seriously. That's all they needed to have fun. Mind you, the ball was 48 inches and they kept attacking it. But still. Super fun.

7. ALL THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE REQUIRE GETTING A LITTLE DIRTY FOR. Think about it. It applies to soooo many things.

8. FRIENDS MAKE THE PARTY. THAT...AND PIZZA. It's all about the pizza, folks. Until she's a grown-up and it's all about the wine.

I feel so much smarter after this party. Older and more exhausted. But smarter.

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Laz said...

Spoken like a true philosopher! Seriously, I love your observations and want to print them out and post on my fridge...sure to put a smile on my face each day. And, you're right: Dresses Rock! (Especially if you're potty training.)